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Apr 10

Reminder: April BAR Meeting at New Boswell @ 7:00 PM

Meeting Reminder:
April meeting will be Tuesday the 12th (today) at New Boswell

Tuesday, April 12th: Brewers Association of Richmond Monthly Meeting

  • Discuss May brew day location and brews
  • Discuss BikeTOURberfest 2016 brew
  • 7:00pm at New Boswells Brewery and Taproom
  • Discuss, share and sample different homebrews and brews
  • Share with friends!  Or better yet, bring a friend with you
Beer of the Month!
  • April:        Wheat Ale

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Feb 29

Brew Day – Ben’s (Not Me) Irish Red

Did another brew at Ben’s (not me) house yesterday. Again it was near 70 degrees and a perfect day to brew Ben’s own Irish Red Ale recipe.


We did an all grain 10 gallon batch in Ben’s RIM System and smoked some pork shoulder. One hell of a day. We split the batch, so that we are each fermenting 5 gallons.

Bens Brew Day Feb 2016 RIMs Bens Brew Day Feb 2016 RIMs Sight Glass Bens Brew Day Feb 2016 Fermenting


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Feb 20

Brew Day – Jeff’s Double-Pucker IPA

We had a great brew day at Jeff’s (aka brew master) house. He brewed his all grain recipe of his double-pucker IPA. We also drank some of his other IPAs that he has on tap. We had spectacular 68 degrees and sunny weather, especially for a February day.

Jeff has been brewing since the early 90’s and he really knows everything there is to know, even at a molecular level, about brewing beer. That is why he is the master.


Brew Day At Jeffs CounterFlow Wort Chiller Brew Day At Jeffs Rig

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Feb 13

Reminder: BAR Meeting Feb 16th at 7pm

Meeting Reminder:
February meeting will be Tuesday the 16th at New Boswell

Tuesday, February 16th: Brewers Association of Richmond Monthly Meeting


Discuss meeting goals for 2016

7:00pm at New Boswells Brewery and Taproom

Discuss, share and sample different homebrews and brews

Share with friends!  Or better yet, bring a friend with you

Beer of the Month!
  • February:  IPA
  • March:     IPA
  • April:        IPA
  • May:       IPA
  • June:      IPA
  • July:       IPA
  • August:     IPA
  • September:  IPA
  • October:      IPA
  • November:  Double IPA
  • December:   IPA
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Richmond, IN 47374

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Feb 09

National Homebrew Competition

The first round of the Homebrew competition is on March 11th in Indianapolis. For more details, click on the following link: http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/competitions/national-homebrew-competition/competition-information/

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Feb 06

Order Hop Rhizomes

Our veteran brewer Jeff, sent out a reminder that, “It’s that time of year. Here’s a few links to preorder hop rhizomes. There are a ton of other places online as well. Don’t make an order yet, we’ll bring it up at thee next meeting and buy in bulk from whomever we choose.  We can get the order in until mid-March.

The next meeting announcement mention a group buy for hop rhizomes and highlight it so people notice it.”
His recommendations for places to order are:


Comment to this post with what you want to order, if you’re interested in buying in bulk with the rest of us.


Happy brewing!

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Feb 02

Buy your Brew Supplies Locally

With so many places to pick up brewing supplies, it’s tough to choose, so buy semi-locally. The businesses listed below are listed in the order of proximity to Richmond:

Keys to the Past:

  • Address: 734 main St, Brookville, IN 47012
  • Phone: 765-647-1734
  • Website: http://www.keystothepastantiques.com/


Brew Utensils:

  • Address: 2617 S Smithville Rd, Dayton, OH 45420
  • Phone: 937-252-7910
  • Website: http://www.brewtensils.com/Brewtensils/


Great Fermentations:

  • Address: 5127 E 65th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • Phone: 317-257-9463
  • Website: http://www.greatfermentations.com/

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Jan 25

Art Show at New Boswell this Saturday

There is an art show at New Boswell on January 30th (this Saturday) between 9pm – 11pm. Contemporary art will be on display by local artists. Come and support your local artists.

For more details, visit the New Boswell FaceBook page by clicking on the following link: Art Show at new Boswell

New Boswell Art Show


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Jan 25

Brewers of Indiana Guild Winterfest on January 30th

Indiana Brewers of Indiana Guild is having their 8th annual Winterfest event at the Indianapolis Fair grounds on January 30th. The doors open at 3pm and the event finishes up at 7pm. The tickets are $40, but it’s well worth it. You’re supporting your local Indiana brewers, including our very own Noble Order and New Boswell Breweries. They’ll be there along with 73 other Indiana breweries. Click on their logo below for more details:


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Jan 24

Getting to know your local breweries

NewBoswellLogoSmall  NobleOrderLogo
Owner: Rodrick Landess Owner: Mike Miller
Address: 410 North 10th St, Richmond, IN 47374 Address: 3415 National Rd W, Richmond IN 47374
Website: http://newboswell.com/ Website: http://nobleorderbrewing.com/

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